Whitening Lucence (90ml)

Remove imbedded impurities and leave your skin shinny & soft.

Whitening Lucence comes with deep cleansing oil clear pack with whitening agents to remove imbedded impurities. It also protects skin while it is naturally dry or temporarily dehyrated by external conditions. It will get absorbed easily neither sticky nor oily and leaves skin shiny and soft.

Benefits of Whitening Lucence:

•Boosts skin metabolism to facilitate cell renewal process
•Provides whitening ingredients deep within skin for clarity
•Regenerates skin to regain a healthy glow
•Discourages melanin production to reduce dark spots & freckles
•Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, relaxed & comfortable
•Suitable for all skin types


White Shikoner Facial Scrub

Scrubs and rejuvenates the skin. Great cleanser for oily skin too.

A facial scrub formulated with micro-beads of purple gromwell root and honey extract to gently remove cutin and dead skin cells which also promotes cells renewal.


White Jelly Foaming Cleanser

Face washing jelly especially for sensitive skin, pimples, freckles and blemishes by sun-burn.


Umi No Gel (Water-Based Cleanser)

Water soluble cleansing jelly which include seaweed extract to release the tense as well as cleansing. (non oil type)

Umi No Gel is extracted from seaweed with no added additives and it is unscented.

This water based facial cleanser is formulated with Purple gromwell root extract, Seaweed essence, Vitamin B, Licorice essence and Job's tears seed kernel essence.

This oil free prescription is ideal for daily facial cleaning and cleansing after the use of facial mask.


Super Virgin Olive Oil (200ml)

The Olives of Super Virgin Olive Oil

The olives used to produce Super Virgin Olive Oil come from the Ushimado Farm - the single largest olive plantation in Ushimado, Okayama Prefecture in Japan. Located on the opposite shore of Shodoshima, this sprawling estate of olive trees is also a popular tourist attraction for local and foreign travellers.

RM199 RM168

Milkpack Cleanser

Contains Milk, Honey and Royal Jelly to leave skin soft, smooth and pampered. This moisturising facial wash will remove all traces of make-up and impurities whilst nourishing dry skin to leave it feeling silky soft.

Marvella Milk Pack is a light, gentle cleanser for removing make-up and daily skin impurities while hydrating and soothing the skin.

Primary Benefits of Marvella Milk Pack:

• Water soluble; will not clog pores
• Will not strip skin; gentle and effective
• Loosens and dissolves dirt, makeup and oils
• Fortified with Honey, Royal Jelly and Purple Gromwell


Clay Face Mask

Clay is for its mysterious function of whitening and deep cleansing by absorption. A complexion-refining mask which immediately leaves the skin soothed, refreshed and matt. It dries on the skin surface without actually hardening, so it’s ideal for drawing out blackheads and tightening open pores. Clay is for its mysterious function of whitening and deep cleansing by absorption and also its natural power brought by combination of mineral for all type of skin.


Beauty Mask

This Beauty Mask deep cleans while visibly firming and tightening the skin. This truly unique mud mask absorbs excess lipids from oily and acneic skins. It acts deeply to root out the formation of blemishes. Your skin feels fresh, clean and vital.