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Water soluble cleansing jelly which include seaweed extract to release the tense as well as cleansing. (non oil type)

Umi No Gel is extracted from seaweed with no added additives and it is unscented.

This water based facial cleanser is formulated with Purple gromwell root extract, Seaweed essence, Vitamin B, Licorice essence and Job’s tears seed kernel essence.

This oil free prescription is ideal for daily facial cleaning and cleansing after the use of facial mask.

Ingredients Purple Gromwell Root Extract, Seaweed Essence, Vitamin B, Natural Vitamin E, Licorice Essence And Job’s Tears Seed Kernel Essence
Directions Place Moderate Amount On Forehead, Nose, Cheek And Jaw. Start Spreading With Extremely Gentle Massage From Inside Out.You May Wipe Off With Tissue Paper Or Rinse Off With Plenty Of Water.


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